It's not personal.
It's just Healthcare

It's Not Personal.
It's Just Healthcare!

It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare, is a powerful documentary produced by Allison De Paoli. In this eye-opening film, we dive deep into the core of the healthcare system, exposing its corruption and brokenness. From escalating costs to prioritizing profits over patient well-being, we uncover the harsh realities faced by individuals navigating a system where healthcare often feels more like a business than a fundamental right. This documentary uncovers the pressing issues and demands change.

Why We Produced the Documentary

At Altiqe Consulting, we firmly believe that everyone deserves fair access to healthcare. Inspired by the daily challenges we see in a profit-driven healthcare system, we produced the documentary "It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare." This film exposes how patients are often overlooked and underscores the urgent need for change. We aim to shed light on the current system's shortcomings and demonstrate how innovative employers are successfully reforming their approaches. This documentary serves as our call to action—to rethink, reform, and rejuvenate healthcare for the common good.

About the Producer

Allison De Paoli, Founder of Altiqe Consulting, is committed to transforming the health insurance industry. With an extensive background in Employee Benefits and a profound understanding of systemic inefficiencies, Allison seeks to expose the flaws in healthcare and its funding models. Driven by the urgency of these issues, she led the production of a documentary. This project highlights her dedication to initiating vital conversations and driving significant reforms.

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