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"We really appreciate all that you have done to improve our health benefit programs around here. In addition to improving the employee experience, it has helped keep our turnover rates down – which is especially valuable in this tight labor market."

Martin Landon

CEO BioBridgeImage Global

"Allison and her team at Altiqe saved us over $100,000 on one claim in addition to helping us to lower our overall claims costs. She has also given us improved long-term cost containment solutions that benefit both us and our employees."

Bill Cox

CEO, Cox Manufacturing

Allison De Paoli has been solving the healthcare crisis for employers who were sure there was nothing they could do to control their costs or make it a better experience for employees.

She co-authored the Amazon Best-Seller Breaking Through the Status Quo: How Innovative Companies are Changing the Benefits Game to Help Their Employees and Boost Their Bottom Line.

She has been recognized as a 2019 Top Women in Advising by BenefitsPro Magazine, the 2021 YouPowered Most Innovative HealthCare Consultant, and the 2022 NextGen Benefits Advisor of the Year. In addition, she is a regular contributor to Employee Benefits News.